Working with Paths


Every path must start with start() method. Close the path if you need to create a face. Not closing path lets you use the edges for further operations, like, revolve.

Refer to the methods in the Path object for following operations.

Note, Path is just a helper object that lets you deal with edges and wires easily.

  • A generic wire object: use wire() method
  • To create Line: use line() method
  • To Add a path segment in the X direction: xlineTo
  • To Add a path segment in the Y direction: ylineTo
  • To Add a path segment in the Z direction: zlineTo
  • To create a two point point Arc: use arc2p() method
  • To create 3 point Arc: use arc3p() method
  • To create elliptical arc: use arcEllipse() method
  • To create circular edge: use circle() method
  • To create Hyperbolic edge: use hyperbola() method


Following code creates a rectanglare face in X-Z plane.

var path = new cadlib.Path(true);

var width = 5, depth = 5;

path.start(0, 0, 0).zlineTo(depth).xlineTo(width).zlineTo(-depth).xlineTo(-width).close();

var face = path.face();