In this section you will find several ready to use code snippets to get you started with extension editor. Recipeis are divided into two parts, extension shapes. All code is written in Javascript

Typical steps involved during custom shape development
  • Create a New Custom Shape project

  • Write code (or copy-paste from samples/receipes)

  • Define/edit parameters as needed

  • Write the code to create shape manipulation handles (Optional)

  • Test the shape

  • Publish. At present you can only publish shape in private mode. That means these shapes are not part of the Shape library and are not searchable by other users. But you should be able to add these shapes to any of your part projects.

Remember, you only need to implement the build() function

Typical steps involved in using a custom shape in your part design
  • You can add the published shape to a project from the Publish dialog or from the dashboard.

  • Go to the part project. Click on Custom Shape icon tool-bar and switch to user defined shapes tab (second tab)

  • You should see the custom shape you just published.

  • Add it to the part as usual.

  • If you are the owner of the shape, you can directly launch custom shape editor for quick modifications. You don’t need to publish the shape again. Just modify code, test and hit save. Close the custom shape editor to get back to the part designer.