Volume/Lattice Designer

If you are not familiar about volumetric representation and why its necessary in advanced lattice design then please read this first. Basic concepts in Volumetric representation and Lattice structures

The toolbar provides menu options to create design experiments. Each design experiment contains a workflow. The runtime will execute steps in the workflow. Each step can be thought of as a feature, similar to a feature in the Part Design. We call them steps because the steps are designed in a such way that the entire workflow can be executed outside Imaginatix Design Environment. This feature is planned as future development.

The design experiments will let you contruct same volume (part) in variety of ways. e.g., you can design one experiment for printing at low resolution, while other design experiment will use a much higher resolution.

Within each experiment you are free to add multiple lattice, but enable only one lattice as part of final output. This arrangement offers unlimted possibilities in creating and testing of design choices.

Experiment 1 Experiment 2 Experiment 3
  • Convert part to volume
  • Add a BCC lattice
  • Export as mesh
  • Convert part to volume
  • Add shell
  • Add a BCC lattice
  • Export as mesh
  • Convert part to a shelled volume
  • Add hatching patterns for each layer
  • Export as mesh

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