Use projects to organize your work. There are two types of projects.

Project Types
  • Part/Assembly projects. These projects hold your printable designs. Part's and Assemblies of a project can be reused as a feature in the part designer. Feature created using existing parts are read-only features
  • Custom Shapes. There is one custom shape project for one custom shape. But, you can publish as many versions of a custom shape as you desire. Custom Shapes are written using Imaginatix CAD API. Once you publish a custom shape, i.e., add it to a project, it can be used as a feature (just like a built-in feature). If this custom shape uses parameters, you can customize the this feature using feature editor. The parameters you had defined will appear here for modification.

Once you delete a project, it can't be recovered. All parts/assemblies in it will be deleted forever. So be careful.


Currently three export formats are supported. 3MF, STL and STEP.

Exported Parts dialog invoked via ‘Manage Exports’ link shows all exported models in various foramts, their version and volumetric information. This dialog allows you to download the part for printing and also provides links to directly upload it to one of the supported print bureau. Only STL or 3MF can be upload for remote printing.

The exported parts are not automatically deleted when a project or corresponding part model is deleted. You need to explicilty delete exported versions.

Part/Assembly Copies

You can save a part or an assembly with a different name. This and other part/assembly related options are accessible from each models card view.