There are several online resources available to familiarize with GD/T, which stands for Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing.

At present Imaginatix offers a basic version of GD/T. We will incrementally implement annotations more relevant to 3D printing in coming months.

There are two ways to share GD/T data with clients or fabricators w/o taking printouts or sending screenshots over email.

  • Share the model with only GD/T access enabled.
  • Share a link to a static HTML page with various views containing different dimensions.

Core idea behind how GD/T is created in Imaginatix

  • GD/T information can be divided into multiple views, e.g., Client View, Fabrication View
  • Each view can group different types of dimensions and project them on a specific plane, e.g., top, bottom, or any arbitrary angle.
  • Each group can contain multiple dimensions of different types - lengths, angles etc.

This structure allows you to convery most relevant information based on the audience. A fabricator, for example, will need far more details than client.

Stay tuned for how-to videos in using GD/T feature in imaginatix. The video below shows basic steps in creating two views, each view containing 2 dimension groups, and each group containing 2 dimensions each. The video will show how to create above and share with someone who don’t have access to Imaginatix.