Getting Started

First, Create your Account.

When you are logging in for the first time, you will be presented with a dialog with few options

Option 1 - To create a default project that will store parts and assemblies
Option 2 - To create a default custom shape project
Option 3 - If you have alrady created the default part project, you can add parts from the shape library
Option 4 - Manually create a project

If are first time user, we recommend choosing option 1, which will create a default project for you, add a default part to it and launch the part designer.

Assuming you chose option 1, please follow these steps to create your first part design

  • Mouseover on the left-most box icon for additive shapes, click on ‘Box’ icon (note curosr changing to a plus sign), click on the scene where orange dot is displayed. Orange dot represents the center.
  • A box with default parameters is now displayed and feature editor dialog opens to let you modify parameters and change orientation etc.
  • Change default values, notice box automatically rebuild as you tab out from the edit box. The changes will be displayed as temporary mesh in a different color.
  • Click on checkmark arrow to ‘Accept’ the changes. Part is now built with modified paramters.
  • Click on close icon to close feature editor. You can also click on this icon instead of checkmark icon.
  • Next, mouseover to the subtractive shapes menu (square hole), click on the square hole icon and click on the center of the top face (the orange dot indicates center of a face).
  • Again, Feature editor dialog opens to let you modify holes paramters, radius and height. Make changes and click on the close button
  • Part rebuilds with a box with a hole.

From here, you can export the part for printing, or keep modifying using one of several available methods. Watch How-to Vidoes to understand how to use different ways of creating and modifying features, using various tools and operations.

More complex parametric shapes can be designed using combination of graphical editor and custom shape editor