Part Designer

Part Designer Toolbar

The main toolbar provides menu options to create features using variety of methods. It also contains standard operations like Fillet, Chamfer etc.

How-to use Shape Library

Your part is composed of features. You will use Shape Library to create features. There are two principle ways you can construct your part.
Check out How-to-Video to learn more about it.

Use built-in shapes - To add a new shape or feature, click on a shape icon and then click on the face of an existing shape. The new shape will adopt orientation of the face.

Use sketching - Use sketching based features by extruding or revolving a sketch. This approach combines two operations sketch and extrude into one feature - Sketch Extude.

Subdivision Shape
Use this shape to create organic/free-form shape. Editing operation opens its own toolbar. Follow guidelines for editing Subdivision Shapes.
Additive Shapes
These shapes add material to the existing part.
Subtractive(Hole) type Shapes
These shapes remove material from the existing part.
Sketch based Shapes
When built-in Shape library is not sufficient to achieve desired geometry, use Sketch based shapes.
SVG Shapes
Creates a shape using value of the path element in an SVG document. You can extrude a path or revolve a path
Scripted Shapes
There are two ways to add scripted shapes. A feature of type inline script. Use this option when script will be used only once and has no repeat usage. You will edit script in place and can immediately view the effect
Using a shared script from the Library lets you reuse a parametric shape developed using Custom Shape Editor. Refer to documentation on Custom Shape Editor for more details
Part Shape
Use this type of feature to re-use parts already developed and that are part of this project
External Geometry Shapes
Any externally imported model can be used as a feature. In addition, each instance of such model can be cleaned up in a different way. e.g., one feature may remove all holes from a model but another feture may keep just one hole and also add a chamfer etc. This mechanism lets you use same imported model is variety of ways
Pattern based Shapes
Pattern based features are a special mechansim to create patterns. Note - Patterns can belong to a different region. You only have to ensure that both the shape that is being patterned and the pattern itself belong to the same region

These are the standard operations that work as if they are a feature but they modify existing geometry in the usual way.

Using a sketch you can split a face. Typically you then extrude that face using Thicken tool.

Split/Cut Region
Using an entire region to cut or split another region.
Note on Sketching

Unlike other Sketch based tools, where you first draw a sketch and then apply a feature such as extrude or rotate, Part Designer offers a shortcut by combining these two operations into one - Sketch-Extrude. Similarly there is Sketch Revolve.

Each of extrude and revolve comes in with two flavors - additive and subtractive

Note - Once a shape is created, you use Smart Alignment tools, of the feature editor, to adjust their relative positioning with respect to other shapes to achieve desired solid.