Using Sub-Division

Use subd feature for free-form etding of a shape
  • Sub-division editing offers a convenient way to edit shapes in a free-flow manner.
  • The resultant shape can be further modified using other shapes as usual
  • The remove face operation to create a tunnel or connect two faces works only when both faces are part of the same sub-division shape

The tool bar becomes visible when you edit a subd shape

Create Shape You will be prompted to enter initial dimensions for the control grid. You can later resize the grid if needed. Check Video
Subdivide Mesh Entire mesh is subdivided. Increasing number of divisions will allow much fine grained control, but it will also slow down editing. Many times, desired effect can be achieved by selectively sub-dividing corner faces. Check Video
Subdivide Face Select a face to subdivide. Use the slider/edit box to change the distance. Higher value will create smaller face and vice-versa. Check Video
Extrude Face Extrudes selected face(s) by given amount. Check Video
Move Face Move selected face(s) in the selected direction. You can choose a one or more face(s) by clicking on them, or using selection rectagnle. Check Video
Move Face along its normal Moves selected face(s) in the direction of normal. i.e., each faces moves along its normal. Check Video
Rotate Face Rotates one or more face(s). Note: This operation will rotate all faces in the same direction. Check Video
Join Faces This operation joins two faces by atding material. Make sure faces are opposite to each and their edges are aligning. Check Video
Create a tunnel Use this operation to punch a hole by selecting two faces that lie on the opposite side. Make sure faces are aligned for this operation to succeed. Check Video
Atd Edge loop This operation splits all connected faces into two separate faces by atding an edge loop Check Video
Move Edge This operation moves selected edge(s). Check Video
Scale Edges This operation will increase or descreate length of selected edges. Check Video
Create Shape
Subdivide Mesh
Subdivide selected face
Extrude face
Move Face
Move Face along Normal
Rotate Face
Join Faces
Create Tunnel by deleting faces
Create Edge Loop
Move Edge
Scale Edge